Bronwyn Clee is an Agent for Change!

Coaching and mentoring my clients through change processes is the heart and soul of what I do. Let’s face it, most people fear change and would rather run a mile from it than help lead it. And understandably so. Change can raise a range of emotional responses including fear, anxiety, frustration, and even anger, resulting in mis-directed emotions, lost opportunities and an overwhelming sense of not being understood.  Which is why most people will continue to go through life not knowing how to welcome and embrace, let alone make the most of change. But do you know what?

“Constant change is here to stay”

I learned as a regional manager for national not-for-profit The Smith Family, that I was far better off to recruit for the right attitude over the best skill set – every time. Why? Well, because a person with the right attitude is  prepared to learn whatever skill sets are required, and therefore is much better equipped to manage change.

We utilise 86,400 seconds per day to simply live and breathe. Imagine if we harnessed even 10% of those seconds to be focused on developing clarity and purpose. Watch this youtube clip One day consists of 86,400 seconds and tell me you don’t want to learn how to be brave and embrace change!

Ways for us to work together


Self Care Coaching

For many of us, learning how to value self-care isn’t easy. Often overwhelmed with life’s demands too many of us have learned how to subconsciously put others first at a great cost to our own well-being. Self-care isn’t about being self absorbed and not giving a toss about other people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

It’s all about learning how to deeply and completely love, forgive, trust, respect and accept yourself. And like learning anything new, having a great…

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Motivated Mentoring

What’s motivated mentoring all about? This great quote by Iasac Newton sums up for me what motivated mentoring is all about: If I have seen farther than others, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. No one achieve success on their own. We all need help along the way. A great mentor is someone who helps us to: understand the mechanics of owning our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and motivate us to confidently explore our fears from an objective perspective. set both achievable and audacious goals You see, it’s not what life doesn’t provide for us…

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Navigating Social Networks

Let’s face it, the power of social networking can be utterly overwhelming! Where to start, what to do, what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and the list goes on. I have had a social online presence since 2009 and have learned a whole lot along the way. In fact through my own social networking, I’ve been approached repeatedly by clients to help them understand it. Quite often we’ll be working through facilitating change processes and nine times out of ten, Twitter or LinkedIn will be the number two “I don’t get it” platforms that they struggle with. And when I ask about Google +, Hangouts, Pinterest, Youtube or Instagram a great big wall of “Don’t go there Bron!” comes up…

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Personal Development Programs

Bootcamp for Beliefs is an intensive 8 week program and is all about exploring why you believe what you do and the impact these beliefs have on your behaviour.

Interpreting Intuition Bootcamp is an intensive 8 week program and focuses on learning to listen to your intuition and how to interpret the intelligence it offers.

Kickstart Your Confidence is an intensive 8 week personal/professional development program designed to  teach you the value of confidence as currency and which patterns of behaviour enhance or interrupt the growth of yours.

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Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating conversations that matter is all about creating space for people to speak and listen. Tough topics can be tricky to facilitate with your team for a whole lot of reasons.  Inclusive managers generally want and need to be involved in complex discussions and will often struggle to manage moving from being a team player to a facilitator.  I have extensive experience in facilitating various events, workshops, meetings and colourful situations in the last 14 years and agree with the research that demonstrates group dynamics can enhance or interrupt great results.

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