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Yoga Nidra is my all-time favourite go to for sleep deprivation and deep relaxation. Unlike Hatha yoga (postures involving movement) Yoga Nidra is deep relaxation with no physical movement.

Also known as psychic sleep, it is an ancient Indian tradition that quietens your mind and releases all physical tension from the body. Slowing down your thoughts and allowing your body to become still, allows your heart beat and breathing to slow down easing the body into a deep state of peace and calm. When practiced regularly, the profound effects of Yoga Nidra are long lasting.

Firstly, I have created a download that you can use right now that you can download here.

But before you start your practice of Yoga Nidra please consider the following:

I give myself permission to practice Yoga Nidra.
I am allowed to do this
And for this I am truly grateful.

By giving yourself permission to practice Yoga Nidra you will find it easier to be open to the healing properties on offer.

What to expect

As mentioned previously there is no physical movement during Yoga Nidra. And unlike meditation, you are encouraged to lay flat throughout the practice, either on the floor on a yoga mat or on your bed. It’s important to allow yourself uninterrupted time to practice Yoga Nidra.

I encourage you to do all you can to give yourself this gift of deep relaxation at least twice a week.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra you will be invited to make a Sankalpa – or a resolution/goal. It’s best to think about this prior to beginning the practice so that your mind is at ease following the practice and not distracted on the Sankalpa you set. It will help if you keep your Sankalpa simple and even write it down until it has become something easy for you to remember.

You could start with something like:

“I am at peace and allow my whole body to relax”
“I am healthy, happy and prosperous.” “I am allowed to be at peace.”

Research shows that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of buying back 3 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep. Now why wouldn’t you want to do that regularly?

Now, take some time to get clear about your Sankalpa, write it down and then go listen to your Intro to Yoga Nidra download.