Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness training is an interactive program that builds capacity and provides support mechanisms to manage stress and trapped trauma.

Highlighting how trapped trauma affects the function of health and wellbeing on a daily basis this training is suitable for diverse services and sectors including but not limited to health, community, legal, justice, mental health, AOD, domestic and family violence, child protection, emergency, disability, housing, settlement, and/or employment services.

The key to Emotional Fitness is to create new routines and make them repetitive. Then your muscle memory finds it easier to quickly repeat the process and builds your strength.

Emotional fitness training encourages attendees to rethink their daily practice. it focussing on shifting away from a blame model of thinking into a broader context of possibilities allows for deep healing and behavioural change.

I like to think of strengthening emotional fitness as being similar to physical fitness. If you run once in your lifetime you might feel great afterwards but your muscle memory won’t have a well-beaten path to file away for repeating the process. Run regularly, create new routines and your muscle memory finds it easier to quickly repeat the process.

Regularity is the key.

Emotional Fitness training provides a solid framework to learn tools and techniques to take away and continue to practice regularly. Using a strengths based approach and a trauma informed foundation this training provides coping strategies for symptomatic behaviour. Apply these strategies both personally and professionally to experience greater wellbeing and reduce further risks of re-traumatisation.

By the end of Emotional Fitness training, participants will:

  1. better understand what emotional fitness is
  2. know that self care is not an indulgence
  3. demonstrate an increase in self confidence
  4. know how to recognise personal triggers and manage them effectively
  5. be able to apply strategies covered in the training
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