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Perhaps you’re feeling misunderstood, overlooked, not heard; and as a result you may be frustrated, reactive and resentful?

Are you trudging through the grind of meeting everyone else’s needs, always ensuring expectations are met, deadlines are delivered on and everyone in your life is ‘happy’? Does this take precedence over what YOU really want?

You thought being “selfless” would win you applause, respect and love, didn’t you? (I did too!)

But honestly, … how’s that working out for you?
Are you truly happy, at peace, and living a LIFE of meaning?

Yep, I heard that heart just dropped to the floor.

Here’s what I know for a fact:

  1. You’re not alone. I’ve been there, done that, and dug my way out.
  2. More “love and light, peace love and mungbeans” is not the answer.

You’re trapped in a catastrophic mindset right now. Until you learn how to reengineer your thought process, nothing will change.

It may sound harsh, yet if you’ve been around the block a few times, you KNOW what I’m saying is the truth.

Why else are you running around in circles, if a bit of meditation here and a dose of journaling there can bust you out of the cage that is your past and old stories?

Peace and contentment don’t come in a book, a course or a trip to Bali.

YOU hold the key – until you make the commitment to sort out the noise in your head, reengineer your thoughts and rewrite your stories, nothing is going to make sense.
You’ve probably heard that already haven’t you? You’ve done that same old “personal development” work in an attempt to break through the cycle. And how’s that working for you?

And about that VOID in your belly? Still there isn’t it?

You know what, that’s because you’re missing some critical pieces of the puzzle.

If you’ve worked with prescriptive coaches, you probably found yourself being squeezed through their agenda and process. They’re holding a hammer, and everything is a nail.

If you’ve gone the counselling route, you might’ve found yourself rehashing the same old story over and over again, with no bearing on how to make NOW different.

If you’ve tried the “esoteric” stuff on its own, you might’ve been left feeling “good” but ungrounded after the love and light has passed. How the heck could you actually implement the changes in real life strategically and practically? I bet you were left hanging.

You need something different.

I work with clients just like you – smart, determined, no BS, and ready to make real change to how LIFE is LIVED.

Having worked in the community and education sectors for over 20 years, this is the second time I run my own consultancy. What that means for my clients, whether individuals or organisations, is that I’ve a depth and breadth of experience both personally and professionally, operationally and strategically.

Introducing the A.I.I.R Framework

Unlike many coaches and consultants (or whatever new labels du jour they call themselves,) I don’t squeeze my clients through a prescriptive process. Instead I meet them where they’re at and work with them through my time-tested bulletproof A.I.I.R framework (Assess, Identify, Implement, Review):


We talk through your current situation. Then we pull apart the wants and the needs and assess room for improvement.

You think you’ve done that? This time is different.

I listen between the lines for BS stories and call out behavioural patterns to create lightbulb moments. I won’t let you phone it in… we dig deep and get to what’s REALLY causing your “Groundhog Days [CB1] ” of feeling empty and crappy.


We identify new and realistic possibilities to create change. No pie in the sky woo-woo stuff here, it’s purely and simply about looking deeper into what’s needed for change to take place – and nail that little hinge that will move a big door.

We bust the myths (i.e. BS stories) you’ve been unknowingly feeding yourself. We make magic in the mess.

As much as we find out what you’ve to do, we’ll also identify what you can STOP doing… and the long list may just surprise you! (And surprisingly freeing!)


We craft your action plan to implement the change you want to bring into reality. Kind of like a task matrix with short sprints of achievable goals where we hold you accountable.

This is where most books, courses and counselling work fall short. They give you the “aha’s” and the information, but leave you hanging when it comes to devising a plan that works for YOUR life. We’re going to change that.


We take the pulse and gauge your progress. Chances are you’ll have achieved way more than you expected and to many of my clients’ surprise – way deeper and more meaningful than the specifics they’ve originally identified.

While this process may seem linear, in fact it’s circular, almost like an ever-revolving door. And it always, always, always, reveals far more than expected. Thanks to my unique enquiring (and persistent) style, you get to stand strengthened in your vulnerabilities.

That’s not the end – I give you fish for dinner AND teach you how to fish…

Once the process of A.I.I.R is learned it can be applied to all aspects of life because it’s a rinse and repeat formula – that’s where the real value comes in.

It’s time

So, if you’re ready to get out of the shit storm going on in your head; if you’re ready to dig out of the old sob stories that are holding you back; if you’re simply done with being a ghost of how you can truly LIVE – here I am.

Work with me and we’ll turn that shit into fertiliser.

There’s a catch however, a couple, actually…

You’ll have to do the work – there’s no magic bullet. Working with me means we go deep… with speed and precision so you get to strip back your internal stories and expose them for what they are – tired old bullshit keeping you stuck in a rut. I’ll call you out and I won’t let you off the hook easy, you can count on me for that.

I’m a weirdo and I own the fact that I’m a weirdo in the very best way possible. I don’t follow traditional formulas, I challenge old paradigms, I’m bold and to the point. I am certainly not willing to work with everyone, nor am I everyone’s Agony Aunt. I don’t want you to like me, I want you to get results. If you want a fluffy huggy bear who sugar-coats everything, I wish you the best but sorry, I’m not for you.

If we’re clear, and you’re still here, let’s do this.

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