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Group Facilitation

The facilitation of conversations that matter is all about creating safe space for people to speak and listen, understand and be understood.

Have you got a tough topic or team dynamic that’s difficult to deal with internally? Or are you a supervisor who needs to be involved in the discussion and struggle to facilitate teams? I have facilitated various events, workshops, meetings and situations in the last 16 years and value the research that demonstrates group dynamics can enhance or interrupt great results.

The most valuable skills a great facilitator can offer is to ask the right questions and to get out of the way while the responses are digested. Oh, and to be prepared to be surprised.

Theories that inform my practice include Protective Behaviours, Restorative Justice,Strengths Based Practices, Asset Based Community Development, Holistic Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring.

Restorative Justice Training

Restorative Justice training has taught me to value the Fair Process framework and these three key elements:

Engagement: how we engage with people makes a difference on the achieved outcome.

Explanation: how we explain what we hope to achieve and ensure others understand, contributes to cohesion.

Expectation clarity: clearly articulated expectations as a result of E1 & E2 reduces any confusion, allowing agreements to be smoothly executed.

The signature strengths of the three E’s are in the solid research which repeatedly demonstrates most people will accept any outcome if they have been afforded a fair process.

Whether it’s facilitating change management, leadership development, team building, asset mapping or performance management plans, applying the Three E’s will always ensure Fair Process has been provided.

Protective Behaviours Themes

The following 2 key Themes of Protective Behaviours are embedded at my core and influence my approach:

  1. We all have the right to feel safe at all times
  2. We can talk with someone about anything even if it feels awful or small

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